So…this happened

Having been writing professional since I was 19 (arguably since I was 16, when my first stuff was published in exchange for money), I found myself suddenly without a place to write, having converted my old gig, The Times of Chester County to an entirely submission format publication (Yay! Free Content). 

I had stopped writing in anticipation of running for a county-wide elected position before running into the Chester County (Pa.) equivalent of Voldemort, a bit like the Titanic ran into that iceberg. She who shall not be named will hence forth be described solely as “Iceberg” which surprising suitable on a number of fronts.

But anyway, here I am with no real outlet to write, an odd situation for an old newspaper and magazine editor. So, with about a bajillion clicks and only a couple of handfuls of ripped out hair, here we are: a new site where I can pretty much write about anything I’d like, from sports to tech to…well whatever I feel like. 

Obviously, it won’t be anything like a supporting gig. Imagine, being able to write for a living. That’s so 2000s. So welcome. 


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